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October brings an annual writing challenge and in my fourth year the choice was obvious. Maybe not as practical as the past couple of years but here goes…. 31 Days: Present I chose the word “present” at the start of 2016 and believe it was ordained. I needed this word as my constant companion this […]

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Present: focus

When we are present we can pursue our purpose and as we fulfill our purpose we are able to be present – it really is a beautiful cycle. How do we do this though? I keep coming back to that question of “how?”  One thing I know for sure is that focus is a key component. […]

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Present: escape

I’m off on an “escape” and it’s amazing to me how perfect God’s timing is. This trip was booked many months ago and fell not only during one of the craziest times I’ve experienced as an adult, but also right smack dap in the first week of this series. In the words of Patsy Clairmont, […]

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