to start… here are 10 fun facts…

  • i’m always late, trying not to be
  • i love to read, but don’t get to do it enough
  • i’m a busy lady, but also really enjoy being lazy
  • i choose comfort over fashion most often
  • i have one younger sister, and through my husband one younger sister and two younger brothers
  • transparent and aunthentic are two words that describe me, i’m an open book and you can ask my anything
  • i love a cup of coffee, but most often won’t finish it
  • very little brings me more joy then seeing a child have an “a ha!” moment or finding a book that makes them love to read
  • travel is a favorite pastime, especially with my best friend and husband Benjamin
  • favorites: pho, scarves, accessories, green, previa mini van, cooking, settlers of catan, getting  a good deal

i live in a small town, with scandinavian roots. i love creating a home from our wee downtown house. i’m always looking for inspiration. crafting, blogging, couponing, homemaking, teaching you name it… i’m looking.
    i find great joy in the life’s simplest pleasures – walking our dogs, a shining sun in our mostly gray state, a child’s laug, being on the mission with Jesus and the miracles that go with it, and sharing our lives with our small group and friends! 
    he is my best friend
i love being in community and doing life with friends and family. this is of utmost importance to me. i have several small groups i am a part of including a small group, a ladies group (we affectionately call women&wine), and a weekly Mom’s group.
i identify as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, friend, and auntie.
my husband and i have 2 dogs and a cat. Ipa-Mae (named after I.P.A. beer), Marley-Moe (named after my hubs favorite drink a mojito) and a wee black cat named Dosey-Doe (named for a local pale ale the dosewallups). at present we spend a lot of time a part, but work to make the most of our time together.
our small town includes two sets of my grandparents, my parents, and two sets of aunts and uncles within two miles. my siser-in-law and her husband are a minute walk away, my in-laws, two young brother in laws and all the other aunties and uncles are only twenty miles away. my sister is the furthest, living a whopping hour and half (including a ferry ride) away. get my gist?
we have a sweet son, Cashel Rock who joined our family in August of 2012. our growing family is the greatest gift God has given us. we feel blessed to be a part of a village that is helping us raise our children, and comes alongside us during life’s greatest joys, simplest pleasures, and hardest times.

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