Creating White Space



I found this “Creating White Space” challenge on a new blog I am following called Blue-Eyed Bride. She did a 31 day challenge (2017 update: at this time she was known as the “Blue Eyed Bride”) and I’ve decided to do one of my own! Mine will start today and extend through the end of November. I’m using it to prepare myself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Prepare for what…? You ask….

1. For God to move.
2. For the holidays.
3. For this wee little one growing inside me.
4. For change.

I am not a lover of change – at least not in certain areas. So preparing for it is a challenge and good for me.

I also truly believe that creating white space in our lives is important.

What is white space? That was the first question I asked when I read one of my first Blue-Eyed Bride posts – which happened to be near the end of her 31 day challenge.

After reading her series, praying about it, and spending some time thinking about it I would define “white space” as intentional space, time, and energy that is undesignated. It’s opportunity.

Opportunity to grow yourself, your family, your relationships, your faith – the things that (to me) matter most.

I am sure there will be many things I do to help create white space or moments when I find white space is just being created. Tomorrow I will share some of my more specific goals for my 31 Days of “Creating White Space” series, but I’m sure even those will evolve through the month. That’s what this process is about. I hope you will consider if the Lord, or your spirit, might be calling you to join me.

31 days of white space started on October 30th for me and will end the last day in November. Looking forward to the adventure, challenge, change, and the unexpected.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” 
Ecclesiastes 3:1


The Series:

Day 1 – Creating White Space
Day 2 – Goals
Day 3 – Being led, and planning
Day 4 – Intentional Planning
Day 5 – Failings
Day 6 – Mental White Space
Day 7 – Practicing Flexibility
Day 8 – Less is More
Day 9 – White space is not empty space
Day 10 – A Buy Nothing Community
Day 11 – 12 – Different kind of days
Day 13 – Lifelong learning
Day 14 – Connectedness
Day 15 – Balance
Day 16 – “Weekend” kind of time
Day 17 – Random thoughts (goal progress and reading)
Day 18 – Organization
Day 19 – 20 – Amish Money Makeover
Day 21 – 22 – Ironies and Input
Day 23 – Retrain Your Brain
Day 24 – Redefining: need vs. want
Day 25 – Stimulating Conversation and Intentional Inputs
Day 26 – 31 – Ironically I took this week off from blogging to create more “white space.” 🙂
Wrap up

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