TTC: An Ongoing Series

I wrote a “Trying to Conceive Series” here on this blog because so many women I know are or have gone through these issues. Years after our journey began I felt ready to post. When I wrote the posts I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever post them. This is a bit unlike me since I am usually a self proclaimed “open book.” However, with this topic so close to home and so out of my hands I wasn’t ready…. yet… to share.

But now I am and I wanted you to be able to read about our journey. Here are the posts I wrote through 2011 and into 2012 as we hit the peak of our trying to conceive journey. It did begin far after and still continues today; but this is the hard stuff, the joyous stuff, the confusing stuff and everything in between.

Trying to Conceive: An Ongoing Series
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Someday Mother….?
Today I Am A Mother – this post was written much later and is not in sequential order but I wanted people to know that in our situation there is a happier ending. And a whole lot of hope.
A Series: TTC
“We’re Trying” – with a little help
Cycle 1 on Clomid Complete
i did it!
Thoughts on TTC
Information Overload
MORE recent thoughts on TTC
True Blue
October 14, 2011
November 1 – Nurse’s checkup
First Doctor’s Visit
Hardest Week
Sunday – tomorrow is the visit
The visit
The end of one chapter
Our {grief} process
Is this real?
Sharing our good fortune

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day 2013
Love, Loss, and Remembered Little Ones – National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day 2014

There is hope. Hope in this story as God continued to write our family’s story and we prayerfully followed his leading. Just one month later we were pregnant again with our son Cashel. Now a year after his birth I am 15 weeks pregnant with our second. They will be just 18 months apart.

Our story isn’t simple. Even Cashel and “New Baby” have a story. Each pregnancy, each child does. I hope if you’d like me to pray for you on your TTC or parenting journey you will contact me. Just let me know you’d like to go on “The List” and I’ll be praying. Callie from Through Clouded Glass did that for me. Her blog, her story, her transparency, and then her prayers were a huge support – from a completely unexpected place as our family traveled this path.

I hope I can be the same for you.

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