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For the second year in a row I have decided to cook my way through the “write 31 days” challenge and incorporate 2 things I love so very much. Writing and cooking. On top of that it is for an audience of my most valued people – my husband and our four boys ages 6, 4.5, almost 3 and 1. Boy can these kids eat! This year I have started taking questions from my Instagram viewers so I’ll be addressing those directly. If you’d like to pose a question there, or get more details about these posts video style you can find me here.

I’d love to share your recipes, tricks, tips, or insights so feel free to comment here on the blog as well or let me know if you’d be willing to be interviewed about how you feed your family, if you’d like to share a recipe or even do a guest post this month. Thanks for joining in.

Here’s to 31 days of feeding my family in 2018:

Day 1: where to begin, a week long meal plan



This year and given the fact that I have my hands entirely full with four little boys, ages five and under,  I decided to still take on the #write31days challenge, but go with something practical. While I am doing some daily writing that is a little bit more heady, spiritual, thoughtful ….  I’m doing that in my own handwriting and keeping it personal. (I share a bit more about that in the series introduction.)

Here on Inspiration Clothesline though you’ll be reading about me feeding my family. I promise to be honest and truthful, provide recipes, explore some tools and tips, talk about food on the go, and be a completely open book.

Feel free to send recipes you’d like me to share and try, ask questions, and get involved.

This will be my landing page for the series which begins officially  October 1, 2017, but today I’ll start with an introduction where I share a few printables, links were you can snag kitchen tools, and my beginning thoughts.

This will be the landing page for my 2017 #Write31Days Challenge. All over the world bloggers and writers accept the challenge in October to write on one topic for 31 days consecutively. You can read all about their series here.

In 2013 I joined for the first time, retroactively, in the month of November and wrote about 31 days of Creating White Space.   That series was  inspired by Erin Akin Carroll who wrote on that topic originally. Then in 2014 I jumped on the October bandwagon and did 31 days of Cast-iron Cooking. In 2015 I wrote a series that was inspired by the book- 31 days of Living Well Spending Zero.  And last year I started a 31 days challenge about being present inspired by the book Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.


Introduction: the great 2017 31 day challenge

Day 1: Sunday

Day 2: No Cook Lunch 

(Video: cooking beef stroganoff as a family affair)

Day 3: Traditions

Day 4: Community

Day 5: Help! Breakfast bites.

Day 6: Simple

Day 7: Being Fed

Day 8: It’s Worth It

Day 9: Soup Cures

Day 10: Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Day 11: Plans Change

Day 12: Variety

Day 13: Slow Mornings

Day 14: Feed the Soul

Day 15: In the Mood

Day 16: Bulk Shopping

Day 17: Preschool Snack

Day 18: Breakfast Cookies

Day 19: Friends as Family

Day 20: Food For Thought

Day 21: Memories

Day 22: Accommodations

Day 23: Exposure

Day 24: Entertaining

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:  The conclusion

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