Becoming A Woman of Excellence: 5 tips and a Review

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I’ve been reading, learning, and studying. I’ve been praying. I’ve started taking deep breaths, literally slowing my mind and physical body; and during some of the most stressful months I can remember to date I am finding peace. I am seeing growth. I am learning to be present and at peace. I am so grateful. […]

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White Chicken Chili


Okay so THIS is the best. A simple, hearty, delicious recipe that truly anyone can make. I made this for a group of ladies a couple of weeks ago and several asked for the recipe. It’s from my most favorite book Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist. The whole book is about building community, and […]

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Preparing Practically For the Holidays


Taking a cue from a blogging friend of mine Callie over at Through Clouded Glass I decided to be really intentional and think through my holiday preparations before December began. So I sat down, with sone things that help me feel festive and got to it. (Don’t you just love that new blanket scarf? I do!) […]

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A Month of Sundays: Book Review


A Month of Sundays: Striding Toward Spiritual Refreshment One Sunday at a Time by Paula Hartman just came out in March and although filled with 100 plus recipes it’s truest gift is the insight into Sabbath and rest that it provides. What a delightful fall read. It was perfect for a cold, rainy weekend. I […]

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Thanksgiving Turkey Twist: Citrus Inspired Recipe


 I’m excited to be sharing a duo  of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes that both happen to be citrus inspired.  You can find a phenomenal butter roll recipe and  a delicious pumpkin pie alternative over here. Trust me you’ll be the hit of the party if you bring anyone of these recipes…  but as for today Lemon […]

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“Uninvited” and a Little Secret: A Book Review


I had the complete pleasure of reading “Univinted” by Lysa TerKeurst this fall. Not only is this book a great one to inspire growth and change personally, but also to help inform your other relationships. I would argue that given time and community this book can be for everyone. It produced more self awareness and […]

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In Between


In moments of weariness, fatigue, and unsettledness I’m grateful for the moments in between. A chance to have a date day with my oldest. A swimming lesson in the pool with my middle son. Extra snuggles after the big boys go to bed with my youngest and just a few moments to hold my husband’s […]

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Present: hiatus


  The weekend in San Jose was a physical hiatus. I was pulled out of the beautiful chaos that is our life with busy schedules, a house in upheaval, and three little boys, transplanted into a warm, sunny environment where my biggest responsibility was to feed myself. Glorious! But what I was reminded of was […]

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