Present: hiatus

  The weekend in San Jose was a physical hiatus. I was pulled out of the beautiful chaos that is our life with busy schedules, a house in upheaval, and three little boys, transplanted into a warm, sunny environment where my biggest responsibility was to feed myself. Glorious! But what I was reminded of was […]

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Present: connectedness

Connectedness is a gift.  As I’ve seen connectedness in my relationships but also between my mind, body, and spirit I am reminded what a blessing it is to see God orchestrate our lives. Our weekend came to a close and I sat with Maggie on the airplane pouring over our weekend’s notes. I was struck […]

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Present: focus

When we are present we can pursue our purpose and as we fulfill our purpose we are able to be present – it really is a beautiful cycle. How do we do this though? I keep coming back to that question of “how?”  One thing I know for sure is that focus is a key component. […]

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