Choosing Donald Trump: a book review

While I do not typically read political nonfiction, I am glad that this was the second in my adventure to do so. Read more about what I thought about “The Gatekeeper’s here.” I will begin by saying that I selected Choosing Donald Trump  by Stephen Mansfield knowing that Mansfield and I would not agree politically. I […]

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When God Made You: a children’s book review

Finding a children’s book that is this beautifully written and reflectively illustrated is a rare treat.  I not only love the quality of the  product and the vivid, colorful printing;  but even more importantly the story of self-assurance, sense of self and others, and the truth that we are loved by God. This book is […]

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Nothing to Prove

  This will really be a two-part post that also provides lots of affiliate links for you to pick up incredible books. I hope you’ll check it out. More specifically you’ll get a review of Jennie Allen’ new book,  Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen and my own personal reflections and journey with this idea […]

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