.: Bread & Wine :.

Staples around the table. After Reading a devotional this morning called “Awareness of Holiness” I felt a real conviction to make sure that every freedom dinner has bread, and wine. (Which on a practical note means I will be looking for a donor for wine…) But the why behind this decision is much deeper. The […]

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Party Punch

My go-to punch recipe that is versatile and delicious. (This was taken before the ice cream was added – I wait to do that until right before the guests arrive) Alex’s Party Punch 2 liters of Ginger Ale 1 can of frozen juice concentrate  (this time I used cranberry) half a gallon of vanilla ice […]

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Year-long meal plan

I feel like superwoman! I truly do. A year-long meal plan… YIKES! I hope you can read through this post. I’m telling you. It could change your life! Truly I thought my friend Lindsey might be just a tad crazy when I saw her blog post called “How I meal plan for the entire year” […]

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