Year-long meal plan

I feel like superwoman! I truly do. A year-long meal plan… YIKES! I hope you can read through this post. I’m telling you. It could change your life! Truly I thought my friend Lindsey might be just a tad crazy when I saw her blog post called “How I meal plan for the entire year” […]

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Cheddar Baked Chicken

Okay so this is one I forgot to get a photo of and it was gone so fast I didn’t have a second chance. 🙂  Cheddar baked chicken from  It’s part of my year-long meal plan. I keep promising, and truly mean it, that blog post will be up soon…  But honestly I’ll give you […]

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Honeymoon Hotcakes

This one is an age-old family secret. My Mom acquired the recipe on their honeymoon after inquiring with the chef at a breakfast spot in Texas. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Think of them as a cross between pancakes and Swedish pancakes. Super thin pancakes or thick Swedish pancakes. 😉 Honeymoon Hotcakes […]

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