31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero – Day 16

We have successfully passed the half way mark and I’m proud of us. I can see new habits forming and us becoming more disciplined as a family. This is really important as we are looking at our new home closing. We are totally living within our means but also being aware of our spending will really help keep our stress down during this time of physical and financial transition. Plus if we are able to to keep up some of these habits I believe we will be able to do more projects on our home that we could not have otherwise done.

Overall our priorities are becoming very clear and that makes me really grateful for this great adventure.

In my mom’s group yesterday we talked about what a perspective change can do for us and what life and peace it can bring. Specifically if we focus on God and spiritual things over other things. I have seen this to be SO true during this month of “spending zero.” The main thing stays the main thing. People and experiences together really matter and the stuff just doesn’t as much.

I was proud of myself as I took the leftover chicken and roasted veggies I had from small group (which really wasn’t much) and boiled it to make a delicious and flavorful broth. I ended up using a pan I have never used before, it’s a very nice one and it kills me that I’ve not utilized it before. It can go in the oven and on the stove top and the lid is also a baking dish. So cool! After pulling the bit of chicken off the bone that was left and boiling it with water and the leftover veggies I ahd the perfect stock for a soup. I didn’t have many of the things I would normally add (celery, onion, noodles etc.) But I did have a few almost dried up carrots (that rehydrated nicely in the soup), some frozen corn, some pieces of chicken I froze at the start of the month and a bag of lentils. I tossed those things in, added a little chicken bullion paste, italian seasonings, garlic salt, and by leaves. And boiled away. YUMMMM best soup I’ve made. Which is a victory since my boys and I love soup and I used only what we had on hand!!

Things I spent on…

NOTHING!! It feels so rewarding!

Things I did not spend on….

Not even gas this morning. Since the van is not running Cashel and I walked to his class this morning. He was given a pumpkin which was fun since we are not going to buy one at the patch tomorrow and he got to paint it as part of his “messy painting class.” He loved it!

We lost his nose on the way home but Cashel picked up this giant maple leaf and suggested
it could “be his feet!” How I love his imagination.
Lunch I made at home, coffee I made at home, hubby took food, and I have what I need for dinner.

Tips…Again I am struck with how much easier it is to use what you have on hand. I’m learning to see what i have not what I don’t have.

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