A tribute: Benjamin

One afternoon I started a trip down memory lane. I was trying to remember when “I knew” Benjamin was the one. I think I did from almost the moment I met him.
Only a few months after dating “I knew” I not only was in love with him, but I loved him deeply and needed him in my life – forever.
We married and I always said “I just knew.”
That phrase drove me crazy for years. “How do you know?” 
Followed by the tried and trusty response, “I just knew.” 
I truly didn’t understand it, even when “I knew.
“I knew” and I married him.
I grew to love him even more.

And… we had our first born – Cashel Rock.
I watched him become a dad…
And “I knew.”
And… we had our second born – Camper Phog.
I watched him parent…
And “I knew…”
We celebrated marriage – 6 years.
I watched him woo me and partner with me…
And “I knew…”
What I knew was that “knowing” grows. “I knew” 8 years ago, but I didn’t know all the reasons. Every day I know more deeply that Benjamin is the man I chose, and that daily he chooses me. Everyday I fall more in love with the man he is, and the man he is becoming.
There is so much I could say about this man…
But instead if you want to take the trip I took down memory lane… Visit this “Photo tribute.”
I love you Benjamin.
Whole Heart.
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