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I loved the story! This author is quickly becoming a favorite and I found myself totally invested in the story of Greta Nilsson and her ailing sister Astrid. The stories twists and turns kept me reading and I was not only surprised in moments, but also delighted in the resolutions to internal struggles and plot twists.

I found Greta and Wyatt to be unexpectedly interesting and delightfully predictable in other ways. Hedlund is a fantastic storyteller and I was not only whisked away in the story, but learned a little from each of the characters as well.

I’m so glad that this is the first in a series because I am totally invested in seeing where these characters go and where the adventure in Fairplay, Oregon leads us next. I have found this to be very true of Hedlund’s other series. She does a beautiful job of creating both interesting major characters and also peaking our interest with minor characters. Hoping we get to learn more about all of these beloved individuals as the series continues.

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All opinions shared here are my own but thanks to BethanyHouse publishers for providing me a copy of the book.


Greta Nilsson’s trip west to save her ailing little sister, Astrid, could not have gone more wrong. First, bandits hold up her stagecoach, stealing all her money. Then, upon arriving in Fairplay, Colorado, she learns the man she was betrothed to as a mail-order bride has died. Homeless, penniless, and jobless, Greta and her sister are worse off than when they started.

Wyatt McQuaid is struggling to get his new ranch up and running and is in town to purchase cattle when the mayor proposes the most unlikely of bargains. He’ll invest in a herd of cattle for Wyatt’s ranch if Wyatt agrees to help the town become more respectable by marrying and starting a family. And the mayor, who has promised to try to help Greta, has just the candidate in mind for Wyatt to marry.

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