Camper’s Golden Twos

Our Camper turned two last year on March 2nd – it was his golden birthday – and boy was this second year GOLDEN.

He and I headed out on a special outing to celebrate saying goodbye to the golden two’s since tomorrow is his third birthday. I so thoroughly enjoy each age, and loving my boys right where they are, that I rarely get too saddened by them growing up… let alone weepy. But, the truth is as I looked at these images and reflected on this past year with my second born I was overwhelmed with pride and even got a bit teary eyed.


The beach is one of Camper’s favorite spots. Even on the coldest of days he loves to hunt for crabs, decorate rocks with found treasures (something his Nona and Auntie Nona have taught him) and more often then not will be found ankle deep looking at creatures. Saying goodbye to the twos means we get to say hello to the third year and I know from experience it’s going to be the best year yet. We just couldn’t watch 2 fly away without recognizing our boy and what an awesome little man he is.

This year Camper has settled into himself. He gained footing physically but also emotionally and mentally. He knows what he wants and lets us and his brothers know what that is. He found his voice, albeit a whiny one sometimes, and I just can’t get over his sweet and strong spirit. If I ever thought my first born was strong willed I had no idea.

Camp has a will, and a way. This year he has surprised us in ways we could have never foreseen and as we end his second year and begin a new adventure with him as a three year old I am grateful for the lessons we learned in parenting and about him as an individual.


Camper, we love you dearly. As a middle child you could be overlooked, but you have made sure that doesn’t happen. You surprise us each and every day. You especially like chocolate and strawberries, and could eat an adult portion of macaroni and cheese. This year you have tried so many new things. You’ve learned to swim, with enthusiasm and great success. You have potty trained, continued to nap, expressed great interest in going to school next year, and you’ve maintained your love for pouring liquids and monster trucks. You love to brush your teeth and I often find toothpaste smeared in undesirable and unseemly places. You call the American flag the “Captain America flag” and have a real affinity for the ipad and your DanDad’s lap. You like to read books! You always ask for me to “read a book Momma…” and my new favorite thing you say is “I love you and I like you.” You learned that one from DanDad too. His Mom, your great grandma Maryott, always said that with him and now you say it all the time. You also have started to just say “I love you” all on your own and nothing makes my heart burst more. You have your Papa’s “kissin’ lips” and “cute buns” and no one makes your Papa feel more celebrated then you. Thank you for YOU!

Here’s to more beaches, cookies, laughter and adventure with our boy!


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