Created to Create 2: tips on how to use this kit

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Created to Create 2 is the September Illustrated Faith Monthly Kit by DaySpring. It is a revisit of “Created to Create” and oh my is it gorgeous. The colors, contents, and its potential are just perfect for diving into God’s Word. My faith has been so impacted by Bible Journaling, and as I have found myself interacting directly with God’s word, more tangibly, I have placed my focus on knowing Him, His character, and His promises more. My desire is to touch the pages of my Bible, create in by Bible, and meditate on my Bible each and every day and kits like this one help me do just that.

This kit includes:

  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll of washi tape
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • 1 package of paper pieces (22 pieces)
  • 2 sheets of translucent stickers
  • 3 heart-shaped tip-ins
  • 4 devotional cards
  • 4 journaling cards

The devotional cards are where the inspirational content comes from. I’ve pre-read these four cards so I have a general picture of where the kit may take me, but I then take a week per card and dive further into what the author shared in the devotional. I supplement this content with several other tools, that I want to share with you here. Be sure to check out some of the fun creative tools and resources I linked at the end of this post too, they are perfect for helping you get started.

First, the 22 paper pieces include in the kit have a Scripture reference on the back of each one. This alone could guide a month of study.  If I find one that inspires me or I am particularly drawn to one visually when I sit down to journal I’ll explore the Scripture on the back first.

Then I’ll hit the concordance of my Bible or use the “search” engine in the “YouVersion” Bible application on my phone searching key words that may take my thinking and creativity a step further.

I also use other devotional books that I read daily and sporadically like New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp or Savor by Shauna Niequist to extend what the Lord may be teaching me. What I find is that often the lessons collide and connect in really beautiful ways.

Finally I use prayer and the quiet moments before I fall asleep at night (there are very few other truly quite moments in my life these days with four little boys under 5 years old!) to really try to extend the concepts that are introduced to me in a kit like this. For example, with “Created to Create 2” I have really be inspired to ask the question, “what kinds of things did God create for me to do, accomplish, and be?” I’m creating a list and using that list as a springboard for various entries in my Bible. Sometimes those are quick notes I jot in the margin, other times they become a full spread in my Bible.

So far my list includes these things and I’ll have entries in my journal to reflect each one. I keep these ideas, and inspirations in a running note in an application on my phone so I can pull it up when I sit down to journal and have ideas ready at hand.
1. Create and raise my boys.
2. Share and inspire women in my community.
3. Serve my town alongside my husband.
4. Know Him more.
5. Share what He is teaching me with my family, friends, and community.

Here are a couple of entries I have created based off of this list… So excited to create more!

I am really enjoying exploring the idea of being a creative being even beyond creative arts!

These devotional cards really help begin my study, and the blank journaling cards help me extend the study. I have found that often if I just dedicate a few extra minutes to really think, pray, and sit quietly the Lord takes the thoughts written on these cards and pulls out a specific lesson for me, right where I am in my life. And writing my thoughts, free form on the journaling cards is often where I find inspiration for how to design a page in my Bible. There are times that at first glance a devotional may seem to “not apply to me” at first, but as I take my time it becomes a deeply rooted lesson that God works on my heart for days or even weeks on end.

Each of these cards has a personal story, a testimony, from the author; but also includes questions to get you thinking about your own life and a Scripture reference to explore.


These heart shaped tip-ins provide inspiring ideas, more space to journal and really are so fun to add into your Bible. I love shapes and using a variety to make entries different and unique. I have also seen several ladies take the devotional cards, these heart tip-ins, and the four journaling cards (designed on the front with a prompt and just lined on the back) into praise booklets. They just use a hole punch and metal ring or ribbon to bind them together and create a little flip book that houses all the thoughts and art from this particular study. I tend to use these kits directly in my Bible, but I encourage you to explore the hash tag #if_createdtocreate2 or #illustrated faith on social media to see the many other ways to use this kit.


The paint brush design in this kit is so flirty and fun, almost whimsical, and I think that component alone made studying interesting and fun. If you are anything like me, the most random things can make you happy and fill your heart with joy. Those things that inspire us – fresh flowers on my table, a clear work space, a freshly washed car (that I didn’t have to do myself), all the laundry folded and put away at one time, a new pen that writes “just right,” or in this case a delightfully designed roll of washi tape – can be the perfect place to start.

These little paintbrushes were featured in the original “Created to Create” kit and I love that they remained consistent. I also love the color scheme of this kit. The mint, coral, and pink just make me smile. It really is the perfect kit to be transitioning me from summer to fall. I find that in the fall I reset in a lot of ways, I explore what the next school year will hold and in some ways it is as impactful as “new years” for my heart and mind to reset again.

I mean just look at these little paper pieces. Those bunting flags! Oh my. They could be used, several to a page, to made into a clothesline of buntings. You all know how I love clotheslines. Or as individual flags or banners placed on separate pages. I love the variation in fonts in this kit; including the scripted words like “created” and “beautiful” the handwritting pieces like “written on my heart” or the colorful block letters like on the “amen” card or the heart tip-in “I am the work of His hands.”

I often share with you all like you are new to Bible Journaling and these tools are new to you too. That might not be the case for you. I started journaling several years ago, but have only recently had the chance to enjoy DaySpring’s monthly kits and other Bible Journaling supplies. It has been such a wonderful investment into my faith, and spiritual growth. That being said it means that many of the tools and fun bits are new to me, like I only recently discovered that all those paper pieces have Scripture on the back. I was tickled! DaySpring recently added “clear stickers” to their kits, so that is a new element for everyone. Some kits have opaque cardstock stickers too. The clear stickers in this kit are so fun! I love these kind of stickers because they meld right into the page and look like you drew them yourself. You can still see through them somewhat so they really become a part of the overall design. They are a bit shiny so they will repel paint where the cardstock stickers have absorbed it.

I hope you’ll check out the unboxing video of Created to Create 2 below where you can have a closer look at all the products in the kit. Including the acrylic stamps that you can reuse month after month. This kit includes a small set of stamps that includes some fun shapes and words so check it out!

If you are looking to add other supplies and tools to your collection stay tuned for more on Gratitude Documented, a fall themed study I’ll be going through in November. You can see my unboxing of that kit here. Comment or shoot me a message if you want to join an online group of us who will be going through the daily prompts together.

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