Feeding My Family // Plans Change

Kids get sick. Things happen. Plans change.

The reality is, especially with small children,  you just can’t control things and even with the best laid plans sometimes things change.

Thursday is our busy day and because of one kiddo being sick I literally carried three children out the front door tiptoeing, hoping to keep the sick child asleep. Those three children were changed in the car, at our destination. That meant that they ate an entirely non-cooked breakfast in the car. Thank God my kids are flexible too.

For lunch we made one of our favorites which was potstickers and steamed rice. I keep a bag of pork potstickers on hand for quick lunches when I want a hot meal but don’t have time to cook. What kinds of things do you make like this?

Also for lunch Cashel had a special request. He watches a show on YouTube kids called “pizza challenge.” I dare you to look it up. We took those little naan breads from Costco and made individual pizzas. We decided to forgo the crazy toppings like gummy worms, cornflakes, and Pringles chips and instead stuck with cheese and mushrooms.  I love getting my boys in the kitchen!

You guys I’m going to be honest, on our way home, after a day filled with hard work preparing for some upcoming workshops this weekend, we stopped at the drive-through. The boys were tickled and we have full tummies. So I’m not even going to  make excuses for it.

I’ve got food prepped for my boys for the weekend since I’m busy teaching. I’ll call that my accomplishment for the week. Stay tuned.

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