Feeding My Family // Recipe Swap

I love a good recipe! What’s even more fun is swapping with a friend.  This month I had eight different ladies volunteer to cook some of my  favorite recipes!  Let me tell you, each time they have cooked one and shared images on social media or through private text messages I have been tickled and inspired!  It feels like I’m in their kitchen cooking with them.

Plus I have found that with different people’s taste buds they make changes that I wouldn’t otherwise  have thought of and as they make changes  the recipe gets better or has different variations.  Yesterday my friend Maggie was cooking my Skillet Lasagna for company that was coming. On top of that she shared an awesome granola bar recipe from her friend Lindsay.

My friend Carole shoots me recipes that are quick and easy from a favorite Instagram account. Often I find myself making the dish that night or within a few days.  If I need ideas for  a new recipe  or alterations to make a dish healthier (or plant-based) I call my friend Mallory.

If I need an Instant Pot recipe I ask Olivia then share with Jen. I mean really… when we come across an easy, budget friendly, and tasty recipe we can feed our families, why not shout it from the rooftops. This, cooking and feeding and eating thing, is something that consumes a large part of our days and boy do I lbelieve it makes a difference if we find a way to enjoy it – both the prep and the eating.

Have a recipe you’d like to share here? Shoot me a message we will get it up! I think I’ll add a recipe swap tab to my blog and we can have an online collection of links to all our favorites. Let’s Recipe swap. Send me the link to your favorites. We will do six categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, snacks, and sides!

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