Feeding My Family // Friends as Family

There is the family we are given and then the family we choose. Mallory is a friend who is family. And to be honest food was a major factor…  Mallory is a major foodie,  she’s hysterical,  not only can the woman eat but man can she cook. I have known her since I was just a kid myself, and now we’re raising our kids together.

I eat meat, she doesn’t.

I eat fast food, she doesn’t.

She eats kale, I don’t really.

I feed my kids candy, she doesn’t give it to her kids; but she lets me.

If you come to my house for coffee and a play date  I’ll serve you a cup of coffee doctored with lots of additives. And some baked goods.

If you are at her house black coffee sweetened with honey coconut milk; and served a sweet potato and kale quiche… with spicy sauce. If you’re lucky it might be made with eggs, or a bit of meat.  I just have to ask, can she even called it a quiche if there’s no eggs…?

It’s been years since I’ve tasted something Mallory made that I didn’t like. Yes, there have been one or two times, but it was literally years ago.

For community dinner we both make a Zuppa Toscana… Mine uses cream, her’s uses blended white beans to add a creamy flavor.

I’m telling you, the table and food bring people together. You might not be as into food as Mallory and I are, but you’ve got to eat.  It will seriously do something to your friendships if you were able to sit around a table,  share a meal, and be in community.

We are as similar as two peas in a pod, and as different as oil and water.

And despite the fact that she might not like it I’m going to expose her. You’ve got to check out Mallory’s blog here.  Maybe if we swarm her with comments she’ll post some more recipes, I’m dying here, she’s a wealth of information that we all need.

Also grab this book it food and community is interesting to you.

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