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Today was perfect. And crazily I didn’t cook! That is rare, but today it was a treat. We hit  our local farmers market and checked a few more things off our fall bucket list. You may have seen a trend in this area, I just love fall,  and take passing on these fun traditions very seriously!

Then we hit up a local restaurant and had woodfired pizza. It really was a beautiful afternoon spent with family,  and our friends who are in town from Ireland. The real treat… by not cooking, there are no dishes!  Several of you have mentioned to me that you don’t cook because you hate the resulting dishes… I honestly have no solution for that.  Except if you’re willing to use paper plates (it does make a lot of waste), or look for dishes like “sheet pan” or “one pot” meals. You can also try cooking in your crockpot and or Instant pot to reduce the number of pots and pans you have to use.  Send any tried-and-true crockpot or instant pot recipes my way and I’m sure to try them!

Here are my sweet boys doing some leaf print paintings.

But today’s real treat was being fed. My sister-in-law was a gracious hostess this evening when we surprised them with an afternoon visit and that led to dinner and an impromptu game night. The kids are happy as clams playing and it means that us adults actually get to spend time together. She made her dinner stretch further to feed all of us, and it was a delicious slow cooker recipe.


One of the awesome things about being fed by someone else is that they try different recipes then you might. I’m leaving with several things to try and the reminder of how much I love broccoli. You literally would’ve known from that feature image at the top of the post that I didn’t cook dinner because there was roasted broccoli included –  for whatever reason I just never cooked with broccoli or cauliflower. But tonight I going home with two ideas for how to cook broccoli, my kids even liked it!

This delicious Southwestern chicken recipe was made in the crockpot and was a tad on the spicy side. I’m in love!  She served it over roasted sweet potatoes, onions, and broccoli.

I love being the one to cook, but it is fun to be the one that is being fed.

{ On a sidenote my brother-in-law is a whole 30 guy so if you have any of the recipes I hope you’ll send them my way. }


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