Love and a Little White Lie – a surprising review

Tammy L. G ray the author of Love and Little White Lie is new to me. She wrote this novel at the point where she thought she was finished writing. She had written 10 other stories and believed that there was no more story left inside of her, but as she says the story just tumbled out of her in the right time.

I guess I feel a little bit the same way. This book fell in my lap in just the right time. It’s not exciting, at least not in the action and adventure sort of way. To be honest it might have even been a little too churchy for me. That said, I needed the story. I needed the escape and the well developed characters that I felt like I had seen exist in my own well churched world. I mean who doesn’t need a bet of an escape with the way the world is right now?

These characters are the ones I knew in my youth group days, and even some in my college and post college eras. Folks who had trauma and challenging backgrounds stifling their true stories, stuck by halted healing. Some following the path of what they were “supposed to do” and missing out on so much, and others hurt by what life had dealt them and not finding their place to process and heal in the church.

Grateful for characters who ultimately pursue health and healing and in the end I found the story a little bit healing for myself. In some ways it’s a simple love story and also has some complexities that are so true to the church, faith, and relationships with others and God.

I won’t claim you’ll have the same experience I did, but there’s a chance; and it really was a delightful story. Hope you’ll consider trying out Love and a Little White Lie. I know I will pick up other stories by Gray after this, and for not being action packed I still found it to be quite the page turner. I even found myself holding my breath in those final pages.

Thanks to the publisher for my copy of the book I always appreciate that Bethany House publishers is bringing a variety of stories my way. All opinions shared here on my own.

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