Meal Planning

I’m trying to buckle down in this area and get some inspiration. I recently stole this “Meal Planning Guide” from a friend. I’m using her’s for now and plan to brainstorm some on a format that might work for me.

I agree with Not So Suzy that planning 7 meals a week is not practical or beneficial for us. My husband works LONG hours and most nights isn’t home until after 10. That means I really am cooking for 1… and with reheatable leftovers for 1 in mind.

I’m looking for easy meals that are great reheated. Any good ones you know?

When I shop I use my coupon notebook and shop by category (dairy, produce, dry goods etc.). Occassionaly I shop by recipe… and of course I have the favorites, the go to meals.

Dinner – Go To’s
1. Sticky Rice and Green Sauce with Baked Chicken
2. Soupa Miguel
3. Chicken Curry
4. Japanese Rice and Spicy Chicken Breasts
5. Baked Chicken with roasted potatoes, carrots, onions (and sometimes turnips)
Stay tuned for these recipes to be posted…

Side Dish Go To’s
1. Green salads
usually with hard boiled egg and canned (black or kidney beans) for protein
cheese (feta or cheddar)
cilantro or green onion
2. broccoli or cauliflower with cheddar sauce
3. spanish rice
4. rice with black beans
5. baked vegetables (brussle sprouts, potatoes, carrots, asparagus etc.)

Here are some great formats for meal planning. Going to try them out in the next few weeks to see which I like the best. Here is one that does all three meals and two snacks for two weeks at a time. I think this is the one I’ll try first. It is one week at a time with a small line for breakfast and lunch and a more extensive section for dinner including a place to list side dishes. This last one is the second one I will try. It looks like it’s for a week but just for dinner and since that’s the meal I mostly need to plan ahead for I think it could work. It also gives room for a grocery list on the side!

Happy Meal Planning!
Let me know what you do or what works best for you.

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