Memory Lane – wedding shower!

2nd installment of “A Walk Down Memory Lane…”
Here is my bridal shower in a nut shell. (We also had a “co-ed couples shower but I can’t find any photos… have to check with my Mother-in-law)

Decor for the Mexican theme! We went on a Mexican Riveria cruise for our Honeymoon so this is a recurring theme. 🙂

My sister Tonie and “Honey.”

My friend Cherie who was also a bride. She got married 6/7/08 and I was the following weekend 6/14/08!

Ben popped in to meet some out of town guests and play a game!

Here he is with his Mom, Janice. We were playing Bridal Bingo!

Briday BINGO! (My Mom loves BINGO and her BINGO winnings even helped us buy our queen “BINGO Bed” for our new home!)

Me with two of the best friends a gal can ask for! The following year Jamin and I attended Erin’s wedding and then the next year I had Bethany’s first child in my first grade class!

Maid of Honor and sister – Tonie!

Next comes the Bachlorette Penguin Party planned by my Maid of Honor and sister Tonie!

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