“Sopa Miguel”

A friend needed quick, easy, and delicious. So I put together these images and texted them to her. It’s a simple recipe we call “Sopa Miguel” as an ode to my dad who “made up the recipe.” It is truly a go to meal at our house and can be made in 15-20 minutes! Let’s hear your review, or what you add to it to make it your own. My meat loving husband even asks for this meatless meal.

** as a side note not included in the image, be sure to dice the garlic and onion before sautéing it. **


It’s great on eggs the next day or just as plain old leftovers, that is…. if you have any left. Note that the ratio of beans to rotel is just 2:1 so it’s super easy to cut in half, double, or even triple for large crowds.

Be inspired!

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