Saint Patrick’s Day: Food

So as I shared yesterday St. Patrick’s Day is a super fun holiday for our family. I love finding all kinds of big and small ways to celebrate. This was the snack we put together for Cashel to share with his preschool friends yesterday. Easy to locate foods, I even found some on sale that were pre-cut to make it even simpler, and we just layered them in a rainbow pattern. At the bottom we included a Rollo hidden by marshmallows to be like a pot of gold in a cloud at the end of the rainbow.  (Be sure to start with the Rollo, marshmallow clouds, and purple and move backwards through the rainbow ending with red on top.) His preschool buddies absolutely loved it! Super simple and I just covered them with saran wrap and sent a cute little St. Patrick’s Day book that explains the pot of gold.




Such a funny easy one for him to help. And I love that it may have exposed kiddos to fruits they don’t usually eat in a fun way. Plus they were such a variety that hopefully all kids found some fruit in the cup they liked…

I will say I made them up the night before and so the marshmallows got a little soggy… Not sure there was a way around it since we wouldn’t of had time in the morning. Just a heads up.




Also this morning we just made up a quick batch of buttermilk pancakes and I added some green food coloring. The boys had a total blast making a green smoothie and all three boys drank it up! That’s progress because in the past they haven’t seen me add the chia seeds so now I think that too will be fun since they will know them as “leprechaun seeds.” I love the Cashel said “the baby kale is like grass and leaves.” Check out the video to see the boys in action and to get the complete list of green smoothie ingredients.

We take wearing green very seriously and I also wear some very special Irish jewelry every year that my parents and Ben have gifted me. Most from our favorite little town of Kilkenny, Ireland! Here’s me with the boys the last couple years.






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