The Escape: fiction story that was truly an escape

I just finished Lisa Harris’s book The Escape It is the first in a series called “US Marshals” And I already can’t wait for book two. Not only was this story a serious escape from reality, but it was also enthralling and so easy to read! I find myself completely intrigued by Madison James and her story. Harris set us up for success when she created a plot that leaves us wanting more.

Literally the moment I put it down I thought, when does the next one come out?! Madison James and Jonas Quinn are both interesting characters and their dynamic is intriguing to. The excitement as they go on their adventure to transport to high profile prisoners across the country on a private plane has fantastic twists and turns and the conclusion is not what I expected! I love that in a book.

Harris’s storytelling ability is absolutely wonderful! I typically do not pick up mysteries or thrillers and while this one was not overly gruesome there was the detail necessary to engage you in a crime, in a suspenseful story, and with just enough reality to make this story realistic. It didn’t leave me feeling like I had a dose of too much reality though which for me was important as I genuinely wanted the book to be as the title claims, an escape.

I hope you’ll consider grabbing a copy I don’t think you’ll regret it and you’ll probably, like me, be waiting for the next installment with baited breath. Thanks to the publishers for providing a copy of the book to me, all opinions shared here on my own.

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