100+ Little Bible Words: children’s book review

What a great book for kids based on 19 stories from the Bible. Each of the “stories,” portrayed by beautiful two page spreads, highlight words that are perfect for kids 0-5 to learn these key Bible stories and just use simple language.

We snagged this to put in an Easter basket for our youngest (1.5) but both older brothers totally gravitated to it as well – ages 3 and 4.5. Conger’s  thoughtful, simple, and colorful illustrations really drew them all in.

When this book arrived I was delighted with the quality and size of it! It has a padded cover, is large in size, and the board book pages are significant. The book itself is too large to say pack in the baby bag, but large enough and substantial enough to keep in the car or crib for a little ones to interact with.

I’m really looking forward to using the keywords as a tool to help the kids predict the stories,  and to see how as we continue to read the book they will be able to retell the story using the pictures.  These are all great early reading strategies of using keywords, prediction and reading the pictures to “tell the story.”  As kids learn to use these skills they can really begin to see themselves as “readers” and that is a powerful early literacy tool.

I also love that each story is accompanied by a key verse telling you the main point of the story.  Again after several retellings a child could be able to identify the “main point” and this is yet another great reading strategy. Truly this book is great for a multitude of reasons. I also loved that the key verses used a variety of Bible translations.

It was so much fun to see my 4 1/2 -year-old try to predict what words went with each image. It was like he was reading the stories himself. This really is a book for all pre and early readers.

 My youngest son received it as part of his Easter “basket” (isn’t that canvas bunny bag just darling?!) but all three boys have totally loved it!

My sweet Corban is definitely a third child and doesn’t get a lot of solitude (or peace for that matter) so it’s been fun to give him the book in his crib and allow him to page through it himself.

Grateful to the Lifeway/BH book review program for giving me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


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