31 Days Living Well Spending Zero – Day 9

I’m doing an adapted schedule today and tomorrow since I’m attending and helping with Breakaway, our church’s women’s conference.

Goals for today:

1. Dishes

2. Clear clutter in bathrooms and bedrooms

3. Put on clean sheets, wash dirty ones.

4. Finish and fold last 2 loads of laundry

5. Gather cleaning supplies

6. Maybe start on cleaning bathrooms or our bedroom (least favorite rooms in the house to clean as Ruth Soukup suggests)

Things I spent on…
1. I hit the drive thru for a latte. The boys were content with their snacks, I had errands to run and gift card in the car. So drive thru it was. I felt like this was okay since I wasn’t spending money and boy was it a treat.

Things I did not spend on…
1. Gas to the conference. Thanks to my friend Maggie for letting me carpool.

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