31 Days Living Well Spending Zero – Day 10

So this day was a bit different. I was not able to tackle any part of the challenge since I am away at a women’s conference. It was a birthday gift to me back in April and what a blessing it has been to my heart and mind.

I am helping in the Illustrated Faith activity and hosting the “next steps” table which basically just means that during activity time I get the chance to do some Bible Journaling – which I love – meet some ladies and resist the urge to do the other activities. The spa room is free and that would have been fun to hit up but the third activity was shopping. Two great spots – Purpose Boutique in Bremerton that looks for ways to give back and the Shopping Vroom which donates a percentage to the “Wounded Warrior Project.” Basically that means it’s even harder to resist so I’m glad I’d committed to doing something I love and that will help me spend zero.

Dinner was included in the price of the conference so that is covered and I’m having a delightful time with ladies I love and learning a lot about my heart and mind.


Today I resisted spending on…

1. coffee – several times I wanted to grab a cup but I made my latte in the morning, drank what the venue provided, and then a girlfriend treated me to a chai in the afternoon. The perfect pick me up!
2. the full lunch. It was not provided at the conference so I knew I’d need to plan a lunch. I started to pack lunch in the morning and got most of it in a bag but then the boys woke up and I had to help get them settled before I walked out the door. Put a stick in the spokes in terms of a sandwich/main course but I did get snacks (which while pregnant I need all day) and some basics for lunch in a bag. I was proud.

3. It’s been hard to resist spending on the boys. Cashel is potty training, specifically working on pooping on the potty and doing an amazing job. We ran out of his favorite treat/reward and I so want to replenish. But I’m committed to using what we have.

4. Shopping at the event

5. Event t-shirts/sweatshirts which are adorable and I usually would have indulged in since I love mine from last year.

6. Plus a friend let me carpool so that saved on gas – Thanks again Maggie!

7. Supplies I needed for my “next steps” table totally came together thanks to my Buy Nothing community who literally met every need. (flowers, table runner, journals (to give away), individually wrapped chocolates, chalkboards, even candles – you name it they came up with it!)

Things I did spend on….

1. I used $7.05 I had in my purse to get a sandwich. I had a drink and snacks so that was my OOPS/cheat for the day. Again I felt okay about it since there are sometimes unavoidable circumstances and I’ve been battling feeling well all weekend and know it has to do with eating and blood sugar drops. Plus I had the cash leftover from a purchase in September so I didn’t have to touch October’s budget. Again justification not required but I’m documenting it all here.

Update on yesterday…

I got through some of the “goal list” but I ended up feeling quite sick most the day so it was tough. I did not make dinner for the kids so hubby had to get creative but found a way to stick to the challenge too! And I just altered our meal plan slightly to reflect what we have.
That’s it. Long and full day.

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