31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking: day 1 {Chicken & Mushrooms}

This was actually step 2. I’ll start at the beginning. 
First I rubbed three chicken thighs with dried basil, time, parsley, and oregano. I sprinkled them with a touch of garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.
After heating a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, until it was glistening, I placed the thighs rub side down in the oil. Then sprinkled the same dried herbs and seasonings on the other side before flipping them.
After both sides had been browned I placed the entire pan in the oven at 375° and baked for 20 minutes – until the middle of the chicken thighs reached 165°.
Step two was to toss some sliced mushrooms (about 2 cups) into the pan where the chicken juices had been left. I added a touch of butter and some fresh minced garlic – probably about three cloves. Then once the mushrooms were browned I added about a third of a cup of white wine to make a yummy sauce.
Ta da! Day 1 complete.
The “how to” on Basic Risotto!
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