31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking: day 17 {Chicken Drumsticks – 2 ways}

Chicken Drumsticks are a “go-to meal” our family’s “comfort food.”
And we have several ways we do it. Best friend Bethany taught us the garlic chicken “recipe” – if you can call it that. My Mom created the Sriracha Chicken sauce we now use on all our game day wings, and there is a third way we do our wings called “salt and pepper wings” which I’ll save for another time. Of course in this case we used drumsticks – affordable and kid-friendly. 
The fun thing about this post is that we were away for the weekend. And certainly didn’t think I’d get to continue my cast iron cooking challenge. Yes I’m dong this real time and not ahead of time – hence being a few days behind.
I thought it was just a weekend away with my sister and brother-in-law to celebrate the end of their “wedding season.” My sister is a wedding photographer and her husband works with her on weekends, so it has been a long summer of shooting weddings. 
Little did I know it would turn into a pop up vow renewal – a surprise to me! The least I could do was cook dinner for them. We stayed in my sister’s in-laws’ studio apartment on the Columbia River and were so blessed by the beautiful space and stocked kitchen. Then one thing they were missing were “cookie sheets” that actually fit in the oven. I was SO glad that I am so much more comfortable with cast iron now because she had two skillets there and I was able to grab them and cook the chicken to perfection – with very easy cleanup. No sweat off our backs!
Now on to the chicken….
For the garlic wings I just pressed about 6 cloves into a small bowl, mixed with a couple table spoons of olive oil  (scratch that we ran out) – melted butter it is. And then spread that mixture liberally over 6 drumsticks. Literally I use almost a clove per drumstick and then topped with Johnny’s seasoning salt.
The Sriracha sauce is just made by mixing:
1 part sriracha
1 part hoisin
1 part honey
1 part soy sauce
(I do a cup of each and put on the stove in a small pot to reduce it down until thick) Then I just keep it in a bottle (an old Odwalla smoothing bottle I saved) in my fridge so it’s ready to go. I use it as a sauce to marinade/cook with or as the perfect dipping sauce. I like to add a bit of blue cheese dressing on the side to cut some of the spice.
I just brushed it on the drumsticks and added a bit of Johnny’s seasoning salt.
Bake at 400 degrees until the meat starts to separate from the bone and juices run clear – maybe 40 minutes….
Did you know that cooking meat on the bone is the best! Because there is so much moisture in the bones themselves the meat really does not dry out or get tough! So much harder to mess it up.
We served with traditional sticky rice and a “secret family recipe” for “green sauce” that I acquired from Best Friend Bethany and her extended family. YUMMMM….
Happy cooking!


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