31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero – Day 12

So… today has had some high moments and some low moments.
Honestly a bit discouraged.
Good news or Bad news? I’ll start with the low moments in hopes of ending on a positive note and launching myself into tomorrow with a good outlook….

So first the lows….

Van has to go in. Something very wrong… just praying it won’t cost too much. Got great referrals from a community group on Facebook. Called around and found someone who people highly recommended that can get it in Wednesday which is better then next week or the week after which was our normal car guy and another shop I called. YIKES!

Only 2 cans of diet pepsi left. Enough said.

Ran out of dish soap. Thought I had another bottle under the sink but no go. Googling alternatives


Needed to say no to a fun outing, that we love to do since it would cost at least $15, and since my van isn’t working. That was a bummer but I’m proud of us/me for showing self-restraint.

Still discouraged about being behind on the cleaning but finding that my physical limitations, (30 weeks preggo) the two boys, and lack of motivation are often getting the best of me. Here’s to getting out of the funk tomorrow.

Now onto some highlights of today!

I mentioned in an early post that one thing that is hard to refrain from spending on is the boys and treats. Cashel played with some duplos at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago and loved them. No luck in my Buy Nothing Group (someone did give us some great mega blocks – but if you know something about these things, which I didn’t until recently these are not the same). He really likes the duplos. Not sure if it’s the size or what…. I so wanted to get him some. He also asked for that favorite potty prize again today and when I went through the prize box there were 3 left at the bottom. Felt like a winning Mommy moment! He is going poop almost exclusively on the potty now and that is incredible.

Anyway back to the duplos. My parents just got back from a trip and brought the boys a “camping/fishing” set that this just perfect. It’s small which is a great place to start, I think it will really get him interested in building (I really hope he is a “lego kid” like my nephew Saul – I just love watching the creativity behind it all). Plus it came with some figures and animals so they have those to play with in their doll house, sesame street house and trucks. All theirs are still packed away. He played for so long with it today. Just have to share photos. Thanks to some awesome grandparents! They also brought a pj set for Cashel, a hoodie for Camper and some fall/winter button ups for the boys. Spoiled! But so helpful since my boys are opposite seasons there are often gaps in season/weather-appropriate attire.

Have to share some pics of Cashel with the duplos!

Some other high moments.
Things I did not spend on…1. My friend Sarah brought me a cheese Danish – which I needed after the morning I had. And a pumpkin cookie and bag of popcorn for the boys. They were thrilled!
2. My friend Maggie is now fully potty trained at her house! Congrats girl so she dropped off diapers and wipes. Such a blessing as we are running low and those are “absolutely necessary” so we would have had to spend. May not need to now!

3. A wee gift for a friend. I created a bouquet and used what I had on hand to make a wee note and sign. I would love to be able to contribute to a gift or gift card but sometimes you have to get creative and do what you can. I mentioned previously that giving gifts.

Things I spent on.1. dish soap? May ask hubby to grab some if I can’t find a feasible alternative online – which I have all the ingredients for…
2. Van has an appointment on Wednesday. BOO! That is super discouraging.

Thoughts: Sometimes staying home is hard. Especially when you know leaving isn’t an option. My friend dropped of the treats to me because she was picking up my gift contribution for our friend. I didn’t like not being able to do it myself because of the van.

Plus the boys get a bit stir crazy and I find my patience running thinner.

Also staying hope helps with spending and in theory cleaning. BUT when you are home you also make more of a mess…. or at least the kids do. I got a few things done but spent most of my morning cleaning up after them. I have two very curious boys!

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