31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero – a moment of victory!

So tonight I had a moment of victory! And after a bit of a discouraging Day 12 – although friends really made it okay… this felt BIG.
I got to cooking dinner, following my month-long meal plan. Last step… add curry powder.
And… we have none!
Again we are living in a temporary housing situation. I know I have a large container and probably several small containers of curry powder. It’s why I put it on the meal plan in the first place. We love curry and I knew after our pantry inventory that we had none of our favorite S&W curry bars that we typically use to make Japanese Chicken Curry (which I made last year in my 31 days of cast iron cooking series) so I planned to make this coconut curry recipe from the Pampered Chef that we also like, but make it with prawns. (Found those in my freezer inventory!)

Back to the victory. We had no curry powder! And dinner was one. I googled “homemade curry powder” and found this recipe. I didn’t have all the spices in the extact form the recipe called for but I had all the spices in some form or another. Tossed them in my Cuisinart (blender in storage) and voila!

I had curry powder. Added it to my recipe on the stove. Taste test… pretty good. Just added a touch of garlic salt and we are good to go.
Feels like a total victory!

PS if you read today’s post you also know that I’m out of dish soap during my 31 Days of Spending Zero challenge and thankfully I had two nearby neighbors/friends offer me some. 1 had a bottle she won’t use and the other a Costco sized bottle she is willing to share!

Day just improved. 
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