31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero – Day 4

It’s been a quieter day today as I’m on the hunt for someone to do a weekday meal swap with…

But with my meal planning done a big weight will be lifted. I think we will need to do a periodic produce shop – even though my neighbors have GENEROUSLY gifted us garlic, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers. And I have some herbs and a few other things coming in too!

Our family eats lots of apples and bananas as snacks.

Veggies we may have covered but we will see.

So today we resisted spending…

– I have serious love for drive thru’s. Especially with two small boys, a huge pregnant belly and on days that my hubby is out of commission. Today that was him leading worship a couple towns over (a gig he got paid to do!) So today I saw posted that it was “free beef taco” day at Taco Time and it was on our way home. Hit that up and it felt like a special treat for this crabby Momma. The boys had leftover spaghetti squash and I had a taco for lunch. NO SPENDING!

– Picked up some produce from a neighbor (I met through Buy Nothing) and she gave me some garlic, onions, and tomatoes from her garden. 
And got to add them to our meal planned dinner of fish tacos tonight!
– The boys gained an awesome playhouse tent (pop up) to use in our playroom and they are thrilled.
– We spent the afternoon at home. Doing chores as a family, playing in the tent, practicing being big brothers with a baby doll that was recently gifted to us, and watching a movie. FREE fun!

What we did spend on…

– hubby grabbed lunch with his Dad after they lead worship (and we said okay since he got paid) plus it was great time with his Daddy-O that was “absolutely necessary.” My father-in-law has been a rockstar real estate agent through a long and arduous process and we could never repay him! ($20)

Lessons I’m learning so far…

– I’m learning leftovers are KEY. We waste so much by not eating them. I need to commit to eating them or cooking less (this month several recipes I am cutting in half)

– There is a lot I buy at the store that I can make at home.

I made this caramel sauce. Huge flop texturally, but taste is great so I’m using it as a treat with sliced apples. A fun fall treat since I don’t have any pumpkin in my pantry. (serious bummer for this fall, pumpkin loving lady).
I also have a pound of pinto beans soaking and will make some yummy Mexican pinto beans for lunches on tortillas. I’m going to blend these two recipes I found on Pinterest.  Authentic Mexican Pinto Beans (Frijoles de la Olla) and Slow-Cooker Mexican Pinto Beans {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free} . When I do my second pound I think I’ll use this recipe… Mexican Pinto Beans
And to my delight my husband baked up these deliciously crunchy spaghetti squash seeds with Cashel this afternoon. We are a snack loving household so they made the perfect afternoon snack and made us say – we’ll eat spaghetti squash anytime! Yummmmmm
I love that this challenge has already produced such creativity in my family.
Next up – homemade French bread!! I’ll share the recipe soon.
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  1. Somebody needs to get you some pumpkin stat!! 🙂 i love pumpkin bread in the fall! I really love this series you're doing.
    Christy P

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