Recipe.Inspiration: Caramelized Garlic and Sage Chicken with Purple Potatoes

I recently fallen in love with cooking in cast-iron when I got my grandma’s pans. I feel like I’m cooking with her!This is a recipe I adapted from The Pampered Chef’s “Cooking For Two & More” cookbook. (I’m not sure they make it any more but I wanted to site my source). I made it slightly larger, adapted to ingredients I had in my refrigerator and garden, and increase the size slightly to fit our family size.


Caramelized Garlic and Sage Chicken

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: average
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2 teaspoons butter
5 large garlic cloves peeled and thinly sliced
3 teaspoons brown sugar
3 skin on boneless chicken breast halves (5 to 7 ounces each) (I used thighs)
10 medium fresh sage leaves – thinly sliced and divided
salt and coarsely ground black pepper
6 small red potatoes quartered (I used 10-12 purple potatoes from my garden)
2-3 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon olive oil
Preheat oven to 325. Melt butter and sauté in cast iron pan over medium heat, add garlic and brown sugar. Cook 3 to 4 minutes stirring constantly, until garlic is soft and golden brown. Remove and Set aside.
Rinse chicken with cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Loosen skin from chicken by inserting fingertips underscan and gently pushing between skin and meat. Evenly spread garlic mixture and half of the sage underskin of both breasts. Season chicken with salt black pepper.
Place potatoes and water in a large microwave safe container. (I used the pampered chef micro-cooker.) Microwave on high 4-5 minutes or until potatoes are tender. You could just boil them. Then drain. Add remaining sage; season with salt and black pepper and toss to coat.
Add a touch of oil/butter to your cast iron pan and over medium heat place chicken, skin side down, in center of pan; surround with potatoes. Cook 3 to 4 minutes or until skin is deep golden brown.
Turn chicken over and toss potatoes.
Place pan in oven; bake 25 to 27 minutes or until chicken registers 170°F in the thickest part of breast and juices run clear.
Remove from oven; let stand five minutes before serving.
Delicious! Love using what I have and garden fresh produce – feels like a WIN for my family!


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