7 random thoughts…

1. non convential recipes for convential foods  are a nice change up.
2. gift giving is fun, especially if you give within your means.
 3. orange is a great color! (use your trifle dish to display and store)


4. use your fine china or glass ware as much as you can. it honors the people who eat off of it. better it is used and broken then never used at all.

5. a recycled gift exchange can be very fun, green, and you might end up with something incredible.
6. most conifers are evergreens and not all evergreens are conifers. do you know which conifers are evergreen and which are not?

7. ideas revisited can be great ones…create an at home advent calendar (mine is on a clothesline) that has you do a good deed, read a quote or verse, or even share a personal fact instead of buying candy or trinkets. make it memorable.
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