soiled, stained, spoiled… is it the end?

try these clever ways to remove stains…

liquid dish soap, scrubbed in and left to sit can take out grease. Even grease that has gone through the wash before.

white wine takes out red wine.

hair spray takes out ink.

flour can also draw oil or grease out of clothing.

white vinegar is a miracle cure around house. It can clean the floors, shine the windows, and disinfect the bathroom. White vinegar also works as a stain remover for clothing or for removing yellowing marks on white or light-colored clothing, like sweat stains. (grose but true!) Mix a half a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of warm water. Submerge the stained clothing in the mixture. Allow the clothing to sit, covered, for half an hour then wash as usual.

tomato juice, not cocktail or bloody mary mix, can break apart stains like ink so that you can remove it with detergent later…

salt water can help with tough stains like blood. A mixture of salt and water will remove the stain. Add one teaspoon of salt in one pint of warm water and stir until the salt dissolves. Completely cover the stain with the mixture and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Wash as normal.

lemon juice is good for brightening white or light-colored clothing. It is also effective at removing rust stains from clothing. Submerge the stain in lemon juice. Allow the clothing to sit for 30 minutes, and wash as usual. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to your regular wash cycle to help fight general stains.


Stain Removal Tip #1: Be Speedy Fast
This is probably the first stain removal rule on every cleaners list; the quicker you are at removing the stain the better chance you will be successful at removing the stain.

Stain Removal Tip #2: Dab and Be Gentle
Most of the time when there is a stain, my frustration level rises and I want to rub the heck out of the stain but the best way to remove a stain is to dab gently and try to soak up as much moisture as possible.

Stain Removal Tip #3: Pick or Scrape Blobs and Globs
If there are 3D pieces of the stain, make sure to pick to up or scrape it off before you attend to the stain. One of my most memorable learning experiences with a stain was when I was in a hurry to clean up chocolate that spilled on my carpet and I decided to immediately rub at the chocolate only to see it make quite a creative looking design in the carpet.

Stain Removal Tip #4: Use a White Cloth to Clean Stain

Stain Removal Tip #5: Do Product Testing in an Inconspicuous Place
Most of us are in a hurry but it is so important to test the product on the material in a place that will not be seen or noticed before applying the stain removal directly on the stain.

Stain Removal Tip #6: Try to Determine What Type of Stain You are Dealing With
It is helpful to know what type of stain it is that you are dealing with so that you can best figure out how to treat it and what products to use. Take the time to investigate the stain, the more information you have, the easier it will be to remove the stain.

Stain Removal Tip #7: Do Not Mix Stain Remover Products
This is a big no-no as this can be a health hazard. One time I remember I mixed bleach with some type of stain remover and I was going to put it in the washing machine, immediately when the products came in contact with each other there was a type of smoky gas and the smell was horrible. Luckily I was mixing the products in an open space and I was able to dispose of my concoction immediately but had I been in a confined space, it could have possibly been a big problem.

Stain Removal Tip #8: Follow Directions on Product Application
The directions are on the stain removal product for a reason and most of the time the directions are pretty relevant. Although reading the application directions take a little more time, the results are worth it.

Stain Removal Tip #9: Assume Multiple Attempts May be Necessary
Most of the time I have to attempt removing a stain multiple times and it is also a great time for me to practice my patience. Rarely have I been able to remove a stain in just one attempt, when it has taken one attempt I consider it a bonus! So be patient and know removing a stain takes time.

Stain Removal Tip #10: When removing a stain, treat the stain from the back of the fabric unless otherwise noted. This will force the stain off the surface instead of driving it through the fabric.
Here is a great link to help!

She covers alcohol, baby food, blood, candle wax, cheese, chewing gum, chocolate or cocoa, coffee, tea, toner, crayon, deodorant, dye, egg, gravy, makeup, marker, fruit juice, grass, grease, oil, ink, iodine, and that’s only half the list.

Also gives great tips on hot or cold water…

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide takes out fresh blood or fairly new but dry blood. Put some on, let it sit, and watch it bubble or fizz..then watch the blood fade away. rinse it with cold water after. I learned that from my paramedic husband who saw a lot of blood!

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