Alex turns 25 – Twilight Style

Ben told me dress up and took me to a surprise location – turned out to be my folks’ house that was filled with fog, lights, and when I turned around he had fangs in with a werewolf cake! A Twilight themed party – I was so excited!

Shortly after we arrived friends from all over joined us. What a party it was! Complete with twilight paraphernalia! Thanks to Heather and Dave in their Twilight t-shirts.

Erin and Andrew stayed the night and we had a blast playing games. I couldn’t quite figure out how come they stayed, not that I wasn’t thrilled. 🙂

The next morning it all came into focus. Joined by Erik, Janet, and Mitchell we all headed to Forks, WA for camping and geocaching!

My model husband in his “camping attire.”

We ended up in La Push, WA no really meaning to us and quite lost, see faces below!

But eventually were able to see the sights!

Bella’s truck.

The Swan House – home to Bella and Charlie.

Forks High School where Bella meets Edward.

Then off to the hospital where Dr. Cullen works… see his parking space!

Then to Charlie’s workplace – the police department.

Next stop – the Cullen Home where we got to read a note from Esme herself.

Finished the weekend with dinner athe site of Edward and Bella’s first date. They were such good sports humoring me all weekend long!

And it truly was a birthday to remember. Thanks Ben-Jamin!

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