Thankful on a Thursday 45-62

45. ben’s secret birthday surprise that is coming sometime soon.
46. being egged (I’ll blog more later)
47. daffodils: the ones I picked and the ones my students made.
48. potential
49. yummy lemon cake my hubby made
50. the BEST green sauce I’ve ever made and the fact that I finally may have perfected my version of the recipe.
51. new pampered chef stuff including a new recipe book for my awesome baker!
52. last week’s girls’ hair day
53. a night on the town last Friday: karaoke, drinks, good food, and good friends
54. skype
55. my sweet Dosey-Doe, Ipa-Mae, and Marley-Moe who bring me so much joy
56. my Mom who graded for me in preparation for report cards coming out
57. friends who pick me up for a dinner date when  my car is broken.
58. my husbands ‘giddy’ smile and laughter
59. insight
60. when my hubby has a great dream
61. the fact that they gym heat went out at our school so the kids sit close to me to keep me warm and we call them my ‘blubber’ they think it’s so much fun.
62. otis spunkmeyer cookies
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