Cashel Rock is 18 months old – an update

Cashel Rock is a 18 months old and about to meet his little brother – well really any day now.

A whole year and a half. It has been the wildest ride and we are so honored to be his parents. I wrote a blog a while back and you can read “Our Big Boy” update here.

Yesterday we hit that official 18 month mark. It’s amazing how much changes each and every day. Cashel has SO many words and is just starting to put 2 words together like this morning “Papa… shoe” as he carries Benjamin’s slipper to him. šŸ™‚

He is sleeping about 12 hours each night and takes a 3-4 hour nap if we get home to our own crib. Otherwise it tends to be shorter. He really can function with cat naps in the car though if we have a fun outing planned. He is SO flexible. He loves monkeys – he calls them “Ahh Ahh” – especially Curious George. Dogs “Go-Gos” are a close second and really loves his “Carl” book – he even sleeps with it. 

He has just hit the “play” phase and has started to sit for a bit longer to play – enthralled with books and blocks. And he’ll be getting a car rug with cars when bro-bro arrives that I think will bring lots of fun. He is also really in to “balls” and shooting them into his new hoop and his “choo choos” which are any vehicle or thing with wheels. He loves to ride his Fisher Price Coup and Radio Flyer push along “trike.” He also gives “Bro Bro” kisses on my tummy and tries to kiss his tummy too. It’s amazing what he is learning and can absorb.

He just started to no like being too messy “uh oh” and “kaa-kaa” if he gets his hands too messy or spills. He has a really vivid imagination already and has so many fun tricks. “hmmmm” as he puts his forefinger to his mouth and “thinks” is my favorite. “nose to nose” snuggles, kisses, “cheese,” and pumping his fist for “rock chalk jayhawk.” 

He will “go outside” or “go upstairs” call to you by placing his hand next to his mouth and even pats his face for “oh my goodness.” He holds my hand well and walks along a lot now – prefers that to the stroller or cart. He likes to rid in the ergo on my back though. He also “touches the van” while I load things in and overall does a very good job listening. He understands “no” very well and will smirk or be defiant occassionally doing something he knows is off limits. We have him repeat “no-no” and point to the thing he is not to touch and learning this with the dogs has helped. 

His favorite activity is to “cook” with Papa in the kitchen. He will push a dining chair into the kitchen and ask to help plus loves to stand at the sink and “do dishes” (aka play in the water) afterwards. Water is his FAVORITE – loves the bath, pool, and sink along with water tables and anything that he can splash in!

He is truly fearless and will try just about anything. He is tough and will only cry when he is really hurt (badly) or super upset. He uses a fork and spoon, holds his own cup, eats just about anything (although veggies are the hardest to get in him). 

Our sweet, curious, helpful, charistmatic boy is the greatest thing in our lives… until brother arrives soon. šŸ™‚ We love you so Cashel Rock!

Thank you Tonie Christine Photography | TCP for the photos!

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