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Okay if I’ve learned one thing since being a parent I have learned a million, but one of those things is that music for kids is really important! Okay… So I knew that already. However, I’m now seeing how effective it can be in teaching them so many things, even when they’re toddlers. In my experience of trying to expose Cashel to lots of music I have found that not all, okay most “kids music” is NOT tolerable for me, especially on constant repeat like it needs to be to be truly effective for children.
We started music classes around the time that Cashel turned one – a Music Together class, and a Mainly Music class. Both have served completely different purposes for our little man, and we were so grateful for the opportunity to participate in both kinds of classes. But the CDs from the Music Together classes have been huge for us! Even my very musical husband will let them play in the car 🙂
We also loved that they provided two copies of the CD for you, one for the car and one for the house! We leave one in  our car and the other in Cashel’s CD player in his bedroom that plays at nap and bedtime.
Each quarter the program specifically focuses on an instrument or group of instruments. Our first quarter was the flute, and this quarter are the “sticks.” Not sure which one I loved more!
I also saw that our library carries at least one in the series from Music Together. The one I saw was the “family favorites…”

I recently hit up our local library after storytime and picked up these next two CDs. Disney puts out these great collections that are a couple of key songs from the movie and a shortened version of the story. I have found that it is a great way to expose Cashel to oral reading. I will say that some of the Disney movies have moments that are a bit darker or a little bit old for him. But so far I have felt like this one in particular is still appropriate.

I was so excited to find this next CD at our library! Shel Silverstein has been a wonderful addition to my growing up years. And one of the only piers I was ever really attracted to. Several of the first poems on the CD I memorized in third grade for our speech meet.  It’s amazing how many of them I still have part of committed to memory, and can join in with Cashel reciting them as we drive.
And then honestly the effect that those poems had on my life makes me grateful that we have this next CD playing in the car a lot! 
This is the newest addition to my collection and I got it as part of my registry with our second baby. Steve Green has absolutely been around forever! I heard about him from friends and then later from a fellow teacher. What is so wonderful about his CDs is that they are Scripture put to music. It is such a fantastic way for kids to be learning Scripture without even realizing it! (And me too) This particular set was a real steal because I was able to get two volumes for the price of one.
I have just found that having this kind of quality literature or input into our hearts and minds has been really priceless! And when they are good I can stand them too.
I hope you will pick one up and let me know your thoughts.

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