Lessons Learned: Children and His Beloved

This post is about lessons I am learning, I am still in process and so grateful for what God is speaking to my heart. I also share some products by DaySpring and Illustrated Faith throughout the post and if you shop using my affiliate link my commission supports supplies for our local Bible Journaling meetups. Thanks for reading and supporting us if you choose to do so, no obligation.


There are seasons for staying afloat and seasons where “thriving” seems to come easier. There are weeks where the news, a new show, or a an audiobook takes a chunk of my attention or time, other weeks where Bible journaling inspiration comes freely or the motivation to read chapters upon chapters from my Bible is a breeze. What I am getting at is there are seasons, phases, and the natural ebb and flow to our lives that we should allow, understand, and utilize.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been some ideas brewing in my heart and mind and thankfully I had some creative tools to help me express them. First, I am dealing with that age old problem that time is limited. I have friends I want to see, people I want to invest in, and only so many minutes in an hour, hour in a day, or days in a week. I have learned a few things about relationships that I feel like God has been nudging me toward for a long while now.

With limited time, resources, energy, and current phase of life I’ve learned that my time is primarily spent with my husband and kids. The time I have left I have to invest in reciprocal relationships that produce fruit. That fruit might be in them, or in me; but standing shoulder to shoulder with women who have similar interests, build others up, help me to grow, and are reciprocal has become critical to my well being.

Here I used some stickers, washi tape, paper pieces, and stamps from the new “Beloved Society” line by Illustrated Faith and DaySpring to create a reminder of this lesson. What I love about these beautifully designed ladies is that they represent us all. I value the differences in them and in who and what they represent. It was meaningful to select “my girls” and words that correspond to them. I view myself as that blank slated gal at the bottom of the page and I pray that the beauty in these women fills me and changes who I am.

Another lesson that has been resonating in my heart is regarding children and the most vulnerable in our society. While the “Childlike Faith” line by DaySpring and Illustrated Faith is primarily about how we can trust and rely on God, and about becoming more like little children being what we should strive for… I found a different lesson in the imagery and prompt verses.

I had recently been discussing with some ladies our duty as Christians to look out for those who are marginalized and targeted. We have a job to love, protect, and care for children, minorities, and those who are alienated and disempowered. I found this passage in Mark 10 where Jesus had the little children come to him. In a society where children were devalued, Jesus placed value and worth on those very people. In fact he elevated them, respected them, and called us to be more like them. He said the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to the children.

Using the typewriter is totally new to me, I’m trying to grow my skills in this area and in using stamps and a sewing machine in my Bible. Always trying new things!

Our Father’s Love gives us freedom, the wings to fly, and I believe an opportunity to share our power. As a white woman I have a unique position. While I have experienced some forms of discrimination in my lifetime as a woman, my whiteness also gives me privilege. As an adult I hold a higher standing than a child. I have power and in Christ I have even more responsibility to protect, stand up for, to love, and to value those Jesus did. I want to use who I am, use my voice, my resources, and my power to help others, especially those who need it most.

These are some tough lessons leaving me with tasks, jobs, and desiring heart change. I am so grateful for my Journaling Bible to document what I am learning, to process, and to share what I am feeling. I am constantly amazed at how God uses others and the Bible to teach and change the way I think. I would love to hear about what God is teaching you and if you are interested in Bible Journaling (as a beginner or crafty expert) you can join us on Facebook with PNW Bible Journaling so that you can find out more about local meetups and chances to get together. In the meantime if you’d like to snag anything from these new collections you can find them here, along with some really cool organizational tools that just released too.

These very comprehensive NEW collections by DaySpring each have:

  • washi tape
  • paper pieces
  • cardstock stickers
  • coordinating scrapbook paper
  • larger bookmark type paper pieces “shapes”
  • acrylic stamps


I found a fantastic tutorial by Bethany of The Southern Couture that gave me the idea to create a sticker book to house the collections elements together. Totally took me back to my late elementary school days and I love having all the goodies in one place. I also took a cue from Lindsey of LindseyDecor who later made a video tutorial creating her own spin on Bethany’s sticker book, but with a “Traveler’s Notebook” size. I used this sizing so I can carry it easily on the go. I hope you will check those out too! I can totally see reusing the booklet I made as a place to journal for my kids after I empty it out of all these lovely goodies!

What you would need to create this:

  • 2 pieces of card stock
  • 1 12x 12 piece of patterened paper
  • clear transparency paper, clear packaging from the elements, or clear “library pockets” sold at Target
  • double sided adhesive
  • sewing machine (can also use staples)
  • washi tape (optional)
  • kit or collection elements you want to include

And finally a few minutes to check out Bethany and Lindsey’s tutorials. Links above.

Thanks for reading and shopping!

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