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One of my favorite past times is doing some Bible journaling in response to things I’m learning and reading. I got my ESV Journaling Bible about a year ago – in fact I’m just 3 weeks shy of my anniversary for starting on this illustrated faith journey. I have done a couple of posts about Bible Journaling and I will share this one for beginners.

Today I realized that I was using my tab punch completely wrong ( or maybe I should say there’s just a new way of doing it that seems a bit better when I want both sides of the tab to be the same  that makes it so I don’t have to glue two sides together.) I decided I would share what I learned here just in a quick tutorial…
I got this great tab punch at Michael’s (using a coupon of course) and have been doing lots of tabs since. Originally I was just sliding my paper in and punching out to individual pieces. But I found that overtime they tend to split apart especially if I don’t use really excellent adhesive. Today someone’s question in a Facebook group that I participate in lead me to discover and try it this way.
So here goes…
1. Cut a slip of paper that is twice the width of the tab punch, then fold it over.
2. Slide that piece of paper into the tab punch with the folded edge towards the “T” and the two loose edges towards the “B.”
3. When you slide the paper in be sure there is the tiniest bit of space between the paper and where the punch will actually cut. (see where there is that bit of black space that arrow is pointing to?) This will leave the folded edge intact at the top of your tab.
4. This should produce a single piece that you can fold over to make a tab in the edge of your Bible or journal.
5. I still used an adhesive to adhere the tab to the page of my Bible and to itself then also used washi tape over it for extra security, and of course the cute factor.
Happy tab making!
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