Choosing Donald Trump: a book review

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While I do not typically read political nonfiction, I am glad that this was the second in my adventure to do so. Read more about what I thought about “The Gatekeeper’s here.”

I will begin by saying that I selected Choosing Donald Trump  by Stephen Mansfield knowing that Mansfield and I would not agree politically. I was looking to be educated by someone who aligns differently politically than myself. In this arena the book was what I hoped. However, I will also add that I do not believed Mansfield provided an unbiased view of the topic, I don’t think he set out to, so just be prepared. Where Mansfield has written about the presidents’ faith (in two of his most recent books, The Faith of Barack Obama and The Faith of George W. Bush) it is to be noted that he didn’t even tackle that topic this time around. In this book there are four parts “an unlikely champion,” “the backstory,” “the appeal,” and “of prophets and presidents.” Each section accomplishes its goals and the overall goal of the book to explain why “Christian Conservatives Supported Him” as the subtitle suggests.

That being said, I learned a lot about our current president including where he came from; how he “became both the ‘King’ and ‘Killer’ his father had hoped;” I learned about how he was influenced by Norman Vincent Peale and Paula White; and why he may have been selected despite the fact that he was under qualified and inexperienced for the job of the President of the United States of America. Mansfield explores Donald Trump as a man in these terms, and also in terms of how he was ill fitted in personality and temperament as well. In section 3 Mansfield explores the main pull towards Trump as president, despite his overall loss in the popular vote, as stemming from his commitment and overall opposition to repealing the Johnson Amendment (that according to Trump has “blocked our pastors and ministers and others from speaking their minds from their own pulpits,” – specifically in relationship to their tax-exempt status), his opposition to Obama’s legacy, his outright disgust of Hillary Clinton and the voice that he gave to Christian Conservative anger.

I believe the book should be read with a critical lens, but also is an okay place to learn more about Donald Trump’s history, upbringing, and the factors that molded him into the man he is today.


About the Book

I received a hard copy of Choosing Donald Trump in exchange for my honest review.
I did enjoy this on audio book as well, it’s always nice to hear from the author them self and hear the book read in their own tone.

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