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Be honest, baby bags are not the best part of Motherhood. Schlepping stuff everywhere you go, you truly begin to feel like a pack mule. Let me tell you I have tried a significant number of brands and styles – trying new things each time I had another baby – but the third time was a charm. Well at least it was with my third baby when my girlfriends gifted me with the most beautiful, stylish baby bag I had ever laid eyes on. I started my Lily Jade experience with the Shaylee in Black & Red. My Lily Jade bag has become my constant companion and more recently I have had the pleasure of experiencing another of their bags – the Meggan in Grey & Jade.

Here are a few of my “bag” criteria now that I have four years of toting a “baby bag” around with me.

  • It need not look like a baby bag. I kid. But in all seriousness I want a good looking BAG.
  • It must have a backpack option that allows me to be hands free. THIS IS A MUST (with soon to be 4 children 4 and under) for me but often limits my options significantly.
  • I want to feel stylish. So much of our identity becomes “Mom” once we have that title. I like there to be things that help remind me of my style, lets me feel cute and put together, but are also functional and practical.
  • I need space – did I mention I currently have 3 little ones ages 4.5, 3, and 1 with another due in August? There is a lot of stuff I just need (or like) to have on hand.  Plus the reality is, or so it seems, you need more stuff the younger your child is, so when you introduce a newborn to the picture you really need the space.
  • I like my bag to be functional and multipurpose.

How does Lily Jade rank on these criterion?

This bag is beautiful and if you honestly wouldn’t know it was a baby bag – until I opened it and all those wonderful things came pouring out of it that help my children stay more content, well fed, and allow all the nearby people to maintain their sense of smell. I love that this bag is just that – a bag that doubles as a baby bag. It’s beautiful. The leather is soft, becomes more supple over time, the detailing is gorgeous, and I love the trademark jade beads that dangle perfectly from the tassel.

The backpack carry is a must have option for me. Whether I am keeping the kids safe in a parking lot, shopping with a full cart of children and groceries, or running around the children’s museum. I simply can’t worry about my bag slinging off my shoulder and slamming into one of them, or where I left it in the room because I had to abandon it as I reached for children who are running in opposite directions. Not to mention the sacred space it would take up in a shopping cart if I couldn’t wear it on my back. I can’t wait for you to see more of the functionality of this feature, be sure to follow along the next couple of days on my Instagram . I’ll be sharing more in my Insta stories. You can also see other bags in the backpack carry on Lily Jade’s Instagram. Seriously you won’t believe what a life saver it is to be able to carry your bag this way, let alone in a stylish way. It’s a feature for me that is completely non negotiable. Well done Lily Jade!


These bags are beautiful. I love the grey and jade color scheme as it really goes with so much. I was able to pick a bag that reflects my personal style and doesn’t totally betray me (or my husband when he totes it) shouting “baby bag.”  I am a huge leather fan, especially in the Pacific Northwest. I can clean it, waterproof it, and these bags maintain their awesome stylish look even with lots of use and wear.

This bag is so roomy. The interior organization provided by the (unique to them)  “baby bag” keeps all the child related goods organized and since it’s easily removable it allows me to carry things that are for me – like my book, kindle, and even my own water bottle in the larger interior pocket. I also love the exterior pockets where I can tuck my cell phone, keys, ear buds, or other things I may need to snag quickly. They are easy access but still secure with magnetic clips. I was worried with my petite frame that this bag might overtake me, but honestly it’s just perfect.  Lily Jade does provide specific measurements (see the Meggan measurements below) and when shopping I chose the Shaylee first, simply due to the slightly smaller size. However, I love the shape and size of the Meggan! (I will insert one con of the Meggan just so you are aware, it is not a make it or break it thing for me, but something I took note of. There are two silver loops on the top corners (used when carrying messenger bag style) that are quite pretty, but will always be in that upright position. With the Shaylee style they can be clipped to the lower corner of the bag to reduce the bag’s size/footprint. Just a different feature. The Meggan does provide one additional exterior pocket which I like!


  • Dimensions: 14.5″(H) x 5″(W) x 16.5″ (L)
  • Shoulder Strap Drop: 12″ – new, increased drop
  • Cross Body Strap: 56″ – new, improved length
  • Cross Body Drop: 16″ – 30″
  • Weight: 2.45 lbs.

This bag is so multifaceted. I can throw it over my shoulder (yay for long straps) or even in the crook of my arm (yay for long straps that are not too long.) That “baby bag” organizer I mentioned can also be pulled out for an evening out when I don’t need my entire “bag of tricks.” I can’t say enough about this feature as it allows me to use the bag like a purse as well; and carry a much lighter bag when I’m headed out with the girls, on date night, or making a solo trip to run errands, all without having to change bags completely or without unpacking and repacking all those important things. A total time saver and I feel less weighed down during just the right times! I just love how practical this bag is without loosing it’s durability and style.


A few other features that I didn’t consider until I had this fabulous bag in hand and started using it.
– I love the zipper along the top so I can keep things contained, but the quick access of the exterior pockets with magnetic snaps that still maintain security.
– I like that that there is not an additional flap over the top that I have to adjust or move to access what is inside.
– I can take the backpack strap and put it on the sides of the bag to allow me to wear it with one strap across my body, messenger bag style. Plus it is adjustable, so for my height I can really make it fit exactly how I want it to.
– The interior “baby bag” has handles so it is so easy to pull out and reinsert later.
– I love the pretty jade color on the inside of the bag. It just makes me smile!

Check out the inside of this bag in the images below and a video “tour of ‘what’s inside of my bag.’ ”


This is with the “baby bag portion removed. Left in my bag are my…
1. cell phone
2. lipstick, lipgloss, pen
3. wallet, ear buds, large key chain
4. journal, book, ipad
5. water bottle for mom












In this picture I have introduced the “baby bag” portion that now has handles for easy removal and reinsertion. Inside this portion I carry…
1. 3 applesauce pouches
2. 3 kids cliff bars
3. 2-4 diapers
4. Large pack of “Kirkland” brand wipes (nearly full)
5. The changing pad included by Lily Jade and spray hand sanitizer
6. Kids water bottle
7. Kids immunization records I keep in the inner zip pocket of this baby bag portion. (not featured in my video because I totally forgot they were there)
8. Baby socks, desitin, little boy underpants, baby hair comb
9. Baby bib
10. Baby hat and moccasins
11. Book for mom
12. “Occupying tools” monster truck, dinosaur, hot wheels car, 2 action figures (aka “figurines” as I call them in the video) a ball and a pack of crayons

Thank you Lily Jade for sponsoring this post, but more importantly for creating a bag that lets me feel stylish, well prepared, and makes motherhood just a little bit easier!

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