The Rock of Cashel

This picture only begins to scratch the surface. The tip of the ice berg.
So much excitement and anticipation for us surrounding this visit to The Rock of Cashel. We had no idea when we chose Cashel’s name that we’d get to take him to see The Rock of Cashel in Cashel, Ireland so early in his life.
Selecting his name was so intentional and a beautiful challenge and then to learn even more about this beautiful place as a family was even more special.
We got to see so many Irish friends and even several American friends from back home who happened to be passing through Ireland at the time of Tonie’s wedding, like the Bradfords, or who were there from home to attend the wedding. 
Such an incredible day to share with family and friends.
“Nona” and “Grandad” know just how special The Rock of Cashel has been to me since 1996 when I traveled there as an eight grader and then for Benjamin to suggest the name, it just seemed like destiny. Read more about that story here.
You can see the priory below the Rock of Cashel in this photo. Such an incredible view.
“Uncle Dougie” our Irish family and his little Irish man – Cashel

It was so funny to see people respond when we were talking about “Cashel” and calling his name while there at the Rock of Cashel. People were very confused! 😉

My favorite new tidbit I learned, or re learned, this trip was that Cashel was not only a fortress but a religious safe haven. Such an incredible place to be named after.

You’ll have to forgive the sheer volume of delightful photos I’m about to share. I just couldn’t narrow it any further. Cashel truly was in heaven here in the grass. Laughing, and so excited!

A quick shameless plug since it is so rare to get my sister Tonie, of Tonie Christine Photography, on the other side of the lens. All the photos in this post she took!
This sweet picture is of Cashel with his Aunt Tee – “Tee Tee” as he has affectionately started to call her. She recently wrote a post on her blog about being an aunt to our little Cashel Man and I just had to share.
She is an insanely gifted photographer and we are blessed to have her talents in our family.
Check her out here.

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