Creating White Space // Day 06

Mental White Space
Sometimes the time is filled but you are still creating and experiencing mental white space.

For me this took place a couple of times today.

  • First, when I didn’t “clear out my social media” – checking messages until mid day during nap time. Which I usually do laying in bed when I first wake up.
  • Second, when I turned on some music instead of the television.
  • And finally when I turned off the music and used my drive home to think and pray.
It’s interesting to me that these things have to do with “noise” in my life. Literal sound/noise and the noise of media – social networking.
While I love music, love chatter, love noise, and love the connectedness that comes with social networking I also love quiet, thought, reflection, and solidarity.
I had mentioned that maybe I needed to add a goal to my list that had to do with my cell phone and I do think that it is important. I don’t think I need to chuck it to the wind, nor do I need to “quit” Facebook. I do think having boundaries in this area is a good goal. I’m going to try not checking social media first thing and instead waiting until I have met that goal of getting up ahead of my little one and carving out that intentional time in the morning. Maybe if I take social media and my phone off of that morning “to do list” or “routine” it will help me create a healthy new boundary and habit.
I also am reminded that taking moments for an extra hug or embrace with Cashel, sitting on the couch next to my husband, taking a nap (yes, I was able to carve out this time for my physical body and need for “white space”), pausing my words, listening, and slowing down all help create white space.
There is a slowing and seizing that comes with creating white space. Slowing down to create it, and intentional actions to creating and seizing of the moments.
(Still haven’t really gotten out and walked much – schedule and weather has been inhibiting – but the goal is not far from my mind).
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