DIY Lamp: A Repurposing Craft

So, I have been inspired. A group of people in my community has started a “Buy Nothing” movement and I’m on board. It’s a group of people that share things that they don’t need any more and share their needs with each other in hopes of reducing waste, building community, and meeting needs.

Over the past month I’ve jumped on this incredible band wagon as both a recipient and a giver. I am amazed at my change in outlook. What we can do if we ask and give.

That said I have been inspired to buy “nothing” or at least a whole lot less.

So as I have designed and furnished Cashel’s big boy room I have had that in mind. Along with my desire to have it done before his first birthday in anticipation of his toy/clothing collection growing. He had already outgrown our very small nursery space and needs more room to play. I wanted clean, simple, somewhat patriotic and very Jayhawk inspired. I set to work looking for things on Pinterest, craigslist, putting the word out with friends and then more recently in my Buy Nothing community. It has come together BEAUTIFULLY and I will share more in the days to come. Back to the repurposing inspiration…

He needed a lamp. I had one but it wasn’t right. The shade was all wrong. I gave it away at a Buy Nothing Booth and then prayed I’d come across something else that would work. I put a request out there with the group, and very quickly a response came back with one the perfect size. I just needed to get creative.

Here is the process in pictures.
I LOVE how it turned out and I hope you are inspired. Inspired to repurpose something, to buy nothing, or a little of both.

I was able to do this without spending any money. The shade was given to me by a Buy Nothing friend, I was able to get some of the paint sticks and my friend a few more all just by asking. The lady said if I had taken them she would have told me “no” but since I asked she gifted them to me. I used some red stain we had leftover from staining our gate and I had a NEW and improved lamp!




Stay tuned for the complete “Big Boy Room” reveal!

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