Quick Apple Cider

As promised here is my “go to” Apple Cider Recipe. It’s sure to be a hit both the taste and the delectable smell that permeates the air as it simmers. I love getting it going just before my fall party guests arrive, or as if often the case for me, as the first guest or two arrive. That way the air smells of these delicious fragrances.

I use about a gallon of apple juice. Sometimes a bottle, sometimes a large can, and sometime I even mix up a frozen concentrate with water. Toss it in the pan and start the burner.

Then I toss in some ground cinnamon and whole cloves. I don’t measurements myself but if I had to guess I’d say a teaspoon of cinnamon and one and half teaspoons of whole cloves. (I have used a pinch of ground cloves if I don’t have whole). Whisk this together to blend as much as possible.

Occasionally I will also add a stick or two of cinnamon – but this is more for looks.

And most recently I’ve added a splash of orange juice or a couple whole slices or orange if they are in my fridge. But I see this as optional as well.

If I have leftovers I just put them back in a plastic pitcher or the Tree Top Apple Juice bottle, if that is the style I used, and then will just pour a single mug full at a time  – as my morning beverage. I bet you could add a touch of carmel for the carmel apple cider feel too. I just love this stuff!
Simmer away!

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