day nineteen

*** a picture and a letter ***

Dear Dandy,
I love and miss you. I think of you every day. The legacy you have left with me is so special. I am your namesake and take pride in that. As an Alexander I value family, work hard, love God, and truly believe in laughter, imagination, and inner strength because of you.
Your daughters and son are doing well. They love each other and take care of Honey like you would. Honey is thriving. She has us all close, because you set her and us up that way. She is a total spit fire and you would love her more now then ever. Papa wears your ring every day. He speaks of you all the time and sees you as his Father. He has even taken to calling Honey “Joyful” in the past few years and we think it suits her. Bethany and Stan are having their first little one next month and we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. I will be sure to tell him/her about you. Little Tonie is dating Doug, and is so in love. She would make you laugh all the time, just like she does me. She is so funny. Ben and I are doing well, we love being married and Ben talks of you as if he knew you. Momma is growing and changing and is one incredible Mom. Auntie is a rock for us all, she is battling cancer but doing it valiantly. You would be proud. Terry is terry – the king of jokes! He too has remained a cornerstone for the family, and we are lucky to have him.
Ananda and her girls, and Shanti have been visiting a lot recently to see Honey. Her last birthday was really special. We had a ladies tea. Bethany hosted and it was a really special day. Honey also joined us at Stan and Bethany’s new place this past Christmas and it was so fun. We even stole two presents from her in the gift exchange. You would have laughed so hard.
Uncle Bob Duchemin wore your Bah HumBob shirt to our Christmas Eve gathering and I smiled and cried. I wear your Run Bob Run sweatshirt LOTS and smile. Every time I put my arms in it I think of you hugging me.
I miss you so much, miss holding your hand and hearing “drive safe, watch the wind.” I can’t wait to see you in heaven. I love you.
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