day seven

a most treasured item…

truly this was tough but it came down to three words and i was inspired by matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” the meaning behind this ‘item’ is what lead me to pick it.

three words that describe us. – friendship, love, and loyalty. the Irish claddagh: hands for friendship, heart for love, and crown for loyalty. the claddagh was on my promise ring, my pledge to purity, a ring i wore since i was 16. then i received a locket from ben, with the claddagh on it, for our 1 year wedding anniversary, and he received a ring from me for our second married christmas.
these three words carry so much weight, they explain our relationship and motivate us .
as a spoiled wife, and a lucky recipient of many inherited pieces this was hard.
i found though each piece i treasured was not about the item itself but the emotions it evoked, the thought put into the gift by the giver, and in turn the memories, laughter, and joy the item brings to me and my family.
my wedding rings
our dining table and china cabinet, that i adore and entertain on regularily, from ben’s maternal grandparents
a ring my maternal grandfather made for my grandma when he was 16 with his face on it
art designed and commissioned for me from my sister tonie

our BINGO bed – our queen bed bought mostly by my mom’s BINGO earnings
a tea set from my paternal grandmother
a set of china that my ‘dandy’ brought back for my ‘honey’ all the way from japan

wedding pearls from my man
my ‘married Bible’ that ben had engraved with our symbol

a fortune cookie necklace

a turqoise ring my dad made for my mom and then gave to ben on his 21st birthday
art made especially for me by my sister emily
man… i’m one lucky girl!
and these are only “items”
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