day six

this one had me stumped…

someone i’d like to trade places with for a day…

honestly the thing that sounded best was only having to concentrate on sleeping, scratching, bathing, laying, warming, stretching, pooping, eating, laying, laying, scratching, laying… did i mention laying?

so i pick my cat – dosey-doe!

I also considered my grandmother, an old lady in greece (surrounded by her family) (that one was thanks to a friend’s thoughts on the question), my husband (i’d love to see his real take on me and pick his brain on it all – also thanks to a friend’s thoughts on the prompt) and finally i considered my sister-in-law Emily who is getting married today. (i thought it would be fun to jump back to a day filled with wedding excitement)
so… on a personal note i’d like to congratulate my sister (in-law) emily and new brother-in-law. they said their i do’s tonight! congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jerod Henning! Love you both.
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